Merry Christmas, Samsung! Apple wants another $180 million in damages


Although Samsung has vowed to take its patent fight with Apple all the way to the Supreme Court after welching on a deal to pay Cupertino $548 million in damages, Apple isn’t letting up its assult on the Galaxy-maker. As a Christmas present, Apple just asked for an additional $180 million in damages.

On Christmas Eve, Apple filed papers claiming that Samsung owes an additional $180 million, thanks to supplemental damages and interest upon the initial $548 million award, which Samsung was originally ordered to pay in 2012. Over three years later, though, Samsung still refuses to cough up.

Florian Muller summarizes Apple’s latest filing:

According to the Davis declaration, Apple wants supplemental damages (damages for infringements after the cutoff date of the jury trial) amounting to $178.7 million and prejudgment interest totalin $1.2 million, i.e., $180 million in total. Samsung is not going to fork that money over without a fight. The amount seems high to me given that the products at issue in this case (the first litigation between the two companies) were already somewhat outdated by the time of the 2012 trial.

Muller points out one thing Apple is trying to argue here is that it should be paid by Samsung for patents which the South Korean company was originally found to have violated, but were later found invalid. Muller points out that trying to enforce damages in reference to invalid patents is a slippery slope which could ultimately come back to haunt Apple.

Either way, though, don’t expect Samsung to pay this money without a fight. Considering the fact that they still haven’t paid the original damages to Apple, this additional $180 million is probably going to take a few years to change hands, if it ever does at all.

Source: FOSS Patents