Judge rules in Apple’s favor in lawsuit about disappearing Android texts


The latest Android vs. Apple lawsuit is over. Photo: Tsahi Levent-Levi/Flickr CC

Apple has claimed final victory in a lawsuit arguing that the company was purposely intercepting and failing to deliver texts sent from iPhones to Android owners.

The case was related to Apple’s iMessage service, which posed a challenge to Apple-to-Android switchers up until 2014, when Apple finally issued a fix for the problem.

However, the lawsuit was troubled from the start, with Apple asking the presiding judge to dismiss the case after it was found that two out of the three plaintiffs had gotten rid of their old iPhones, and were therefore unable to demonstrate whether texts sent to their phone number went to their Apple or Android handsets.

Another plaintiff asked to be dismissed as a “named plaintiff,” while the judge also refused to give the case “class action” status.

Judge Lucy Koh dismissed the case with a single paragraph order, noting that: “The Court has granted the Motion for Summary Judgment filed by Defendant Apple Inc. See ECF No. 112. Accordingly, the Clerk of the Court shall enter judgment in favor of Defendant. The Clerk shall close the file. IT IS SO ORDERED.”

Although Apple must be relieved that this case is finally over, does anyone win in situations like this, other than the lawyers?

Source: Business Insider