The Samsung Galaxy S7 will get its expandable storage back

Expandable storage is coming back to the Galaxy! Photo: iFixIt

Expandable storage is coming back to the Galaxy! Photo: iFixIt

One of the ways fans of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones used to be able to claim superiority over the iPhone was expandable storage. The Galaxy line of smartphones had it, and the iPhone didn’t. But that all changed earlier this year, when the Galaxy S6 abandoned both expandable storage and a removable battery, causing outcries from many.

Looks like Samsung might be backpedaling though. A new report says the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will bring back the expandable storage.

Granted, that report is a little sketchy. It comes by way of HDBlog, an Italian Samsung site. They cite “reliable sources” who claim expandable storage, by way of a microSD slot, will come back next year.

A removable battery won’t be coming back, sadly. But supposedly, the Samsung Galaxy S7 might be larger, and have an intricate curve along its Y-axis, making it seem like a “curved” phone a la the LG Flex. The screen will also be larger at 5.7-inches on the base model, perhaps obviating the need for a Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus.

As always with rumors, take with a grain of salt. But reliable Android leaker Evan Blass thinks this rumor’s probably sound, and I’m inclined to believe him. What do you think?

Source: VentureBeat