Go retro with the SNES30 Bluetooth controller under $30! [Deal]


Remember the glory days of playing Super Nintendo on that classic gray controller with its signature purple push buttons? 8Bitdo is bringing it back again with the SNES30, a 1:1 original design that supports both Bluetooth and USB connections.

Connect with your favorite device or computer to play any modern game with arguably the greatest controller of all time — and for a limited time only, get yours for under $30!

With the SNES30, you can:

  • Play all the latest games with an old school controller
  • Connect via Bluetooth or the included USB cable
  • Use with your PC, Mac, iPad, Android and more
  • Play multiplayer games using the dual-keyboard code system for iOS
  • Play with up to four players on Wii with Wiimote emulation support
  • Carry it in your back pocket thanks to its slim, portable size
  • Game for up to 20 hours without taking a break to recharge the battery
  • Play touchscreen-only games with touchscreen simulation
  • Recharge the battery 1000+ times

The SNES30 is normally priced at $35, but for a limited time only, you can get yours for just $29.95 through Cult of Android Deals!