Get the Titan M Cable & M Loop bundle for under $30 [Deal]


Titan’s top-selling, tangle-free charging cables now come in a pack, so you can conveniently charge anywhere life may take you.

Titan’s original 3.25-foot cable is wrapped twice in industrial-grade, flexible steel and packs permanently-sealed USB and micro USB connectors that won’t be falling apart in this century, or the next. The Loop, its smaller sibling, features the same great strength, but also conveniently folds in half to attach to your keychain or belt loop.

One for home, one for the road, it’s a match made in heaven — and thanks to Cult of Android Deals, you can get your bundle with 33% off!

Titan’s cables are wrapped in two layers of flexible, high-strength steel for incredible durability, and feature one-piece housings fused directly over the cable to keep the connectors in place. They’re made to last a lifetime, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

But these cables individually and you’ll pay $45, but for a limited time only, you can get them both in a bundle from Cult of Android Deals for just $29.95.