Wearable with flexible display set to blow your mind next year

Wove smart wearable

The Wove, Polyera’s upcoming smart wearable, looks like the future.

A new wearable is set to make devices like the Apple Watch and the LG Urbane look like old-fashioned junk.

Wove might cause a twinge of nostalgia among children of the ’90s who grew up with slap bracelets on everyone’s wrists, but it’s way more impressive than those (which, let’s face it, most things are). It’s a wonder of technology that wraps a full-featured, customizable, multi-touch screen completely around your arm on a flexible display.

Android Authority got its first look at the upcoming gizmo, and you can see it in action in their video below.

Polyera is behind the Wove, which uses an e-ink display that measures 30mm by 156mm (1.18″ by 6.14″). The resolution is 1040 x 200, it will talk to both Android and Apple devices via Bluetooth, although its operating system is based on Android 5.1

When you aren’t wearing Wove, the company says that you can rest it on its side to make it a sort of desktop news ticker for your e-mail, text messages, and other data. It’s like a hyper-informative version of the Apple Watch’s Nightstand Mode.

We find this all pretty fascinating, but of course not everyone is impressed because it’s the Internet, and we’re all pretty jaded here.

“I’ll wait for a gen 2 or 3 versions,” a comment on Android Authority’s video says. “Hopefully they will have a colored display by then.”

We’re not saying that a color display on the Wove wouldn’t be great, but it’s also not the only thing keeping this miracle of technology and engineering from being impressive. Learn some awe, Internet.

Polyera isn’t the only company going all-in on flexible screens. Korean company LG Display, which provided the displays for the Apple Watch, is working on its own bendy tech that may lead to tablets that fold into laptops and monitors you can roll up and take with you.

It’s a pretty exciting bit of tech, even if it’s in the very early stages. But Polyera says that the Wove is on track for a 2016 release and is handing out SDKs for “compositions,” its fancy word for apps. Developers who want to contribute can apply at the company’s website.