Star Wars: Uprising is hotter than a night on Hoth inside a tauntaun

The first video game that's officially sanctioned as canon by Lucasfilm is a free-to-play game? Photo: Kabam

The first video game that’s officially sanctioned as canon by Lucasfilm is a free-to-play game? Photo: Kabam

There’s been a disturbance in the Force: a free-to-play Star Wars game has arrived for iOS and Android, and it’s surprisingly damn good.

Star Wars: Uprising is the first video game that’s actually canon to the new Star Wars Universe, taking place between Return of the Jedi (VI) and the upcoming The Force Awakens (VII).

That alone merits a download, but once you start playing, you’ll find a really well-written storyline, some deep customization options, and an addictive gear collecting and upgrading system that will keep you going back for more. Check out the trailer below for some glorious Star Wars action.

Launching the game gets you the familiar Star Wars fanfare and text crawl explaining what’s happening in the sector. Apparently, the Empire has sealed off the Anoat Sector to prevent news of Emperor Palpatine’s death from giving any hope to the people that live there.

You’ll choose from one of four races to begin your journey, Twilek and Human included, and you’ll be able to choose your own face, headgear, skin color (purple is my fav) and gender from the beginning. I created a female Twilek smuggler named Tylo Argoran, who’s trying to pay off her debt to a gang boss and get her and her sister out of the affected sector.

Combat occurs in short bursts from a top-down perspective. Each mission lasts less than five minutes, and earns you credits, upgrade materials, and gear. The gear is themed – if you collect all of a specific theme, you’ll get some bonus stats. Looting and leveling up your gear is a ton of fun, and searching for the matching outfits is surprisingly addictive.

Gear up and battle on, you nerfherder. Photo: Kabam

Gear up and battle on, you nerfherder. Photo: Kabam

That’s not all, of course: you’ll get to recruit allies to go on missions for you, team up with your buddies to complete difficult missions and run massive sector-wide battles as well.

If the story and setting feel familiar, it’s because Kabam recruited talent like Daniel Erickson, former creative director of MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic and Danny Keller, Emmy award nominee for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the animated series on television.

Everything in Uprising feels like Star Wars. The music, the art style, the environments – you’ll get to play on Hoth and Cloud City! It’s a brilliantly fun way to play in a universe that we all know and love, and that it’s officially blessed by Lucasfilm as we run up to The Force Awakens is even better.

Be sure to get your free copy of Star Wars: Uprising in the App Store and Google Play right now. And may the Force be with you.