Tiny charger taps AA batteries to keep your phone running

No, that's not a giant hand.

No, that’s not a giant hand. Photo: The Nipper

Modern mobile phones need a lot of power; chances are we’ve all got an external battery pack (or at least a second cable and wall plug) tucked away in a bag somewhere that will charge up our Android and iOS mobile phones while we’re on the run.

The thing is, those things need to be taken along with you when you leave the house. If you’re like me, though, that requires a heck of a lot of cognitive overhead and pre-planning.

The whole point of the Nipper, this tiny new mobile phone charger that uses two AA batteries to give you a bit of juice when needed, is to always be available.

The slick design allows it to strap to your keyring, which is something that most of us have with us. You could also strap it to a backpack or jacket. The two ends magnetically connect, making it a sweet little keychain fob that won’t crowd your pockets.


To use the Nipper, you simply pull the two ends apart from each other, and magnetically attach two AA batteries, which you can grab from the corner store, your junk drawer, or maybe even pull out of a remote control or bike light. Thing is, AA batteries are everywhere, so you’ll always have a way to use the Nipper, even if you forget to bring some along with you.

This is a useful key fob, for sure. Photo: Nipper

This is a useful key fob, for sure. Photo: Nipper

You’re not going to rely on the Nipper for all your external charging needs, of course. It’s only for emergencies, as it will give a 20 percent boost to an HTC One M7, and a Samsung S6 will get a 17 percent boost. That’s not a huge amount, but it could mean getting home with charge on your phone late at night versus not.

It’s only set up for Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry and Kindle at the moment, with iPhone versions coming soon.

The Nipper’s Kickstarter project is already funded at almost three times the amount asked for, so you might even see this product coming around soon.