Pocket now recommends stories you might have missed


The app update wants to fill your pocket with recommended stories and videos. Photo: Pocket

Pocket updated its apps for Android and iOS to version 6.0, which now tailors to your interests. The release brings a new Recommendations tab that scans your activity in Pocket and, armed with that knowledge, presents you with new stories and other content you might find interesting.

Previously in beta, the Recommendations feature can now encourage everyone to spend a little more time in Pocket. The read-it-later service has expanded its focus in recent years to include photos, videos and any other stuff on the web you just don’t have time for at the moment. Recommendations reflects this, as it’ll even suggest videos to watch if Pocket notices that’s mostly how you spend your time.

From there, you can either tap a story immediately to view it or of course tap the Save button to store it in Pocket until later.

The new Recommendations tab is a wise approach. The Pocket team remarks in a blog post about a common issue with services like Twitter: “What’s good is constantly pushed down by what’s simply new.”

Odds are if you’re saving something to Pocket, you don’t currently have the time or patience to check out right away. But hey, when you have some free time in the evening, now you can cozy up with a cup of tea and perhaps take a look at some more high-quality content.

You can snag the new Pocket update for free on AndroidiOS and the web.