The BlackBerry Passport is getting an Android edition?


When it was released last year, the BlackBerry Passport made an impression for its bizarre, square shape and full QWERTY keyboard, but it didn’t exactly help pull BlackBerry out of the dumpster. Following rumors that BlackBerry would soon be making an Android-powered slider, though, a new video has emerged, showing that the Passport quite capably runs Android Lollipop.

In the video, the recently announced Passport Silver Edition is seen running Android Lollipop. The video makers claim that this isn’t a hacked version of Android running on Blackberry’s handset, but a prototype handset that comes with Lollipop stock.

Sadly, unless you speak Portuguese, there’s little more to glean from the video. It’s not clear if this is actually a Blackberry Android device bound for the market, a proof of concept, or what. However, it seems likely this is the real deal: Google and Blackberry have already teamed up to create a more secure version of Android for enterprise customers. The Blackberry Passport seems like the perfect device to Trojan horse that, don’t you think?

Source: YouTube

Via: Engadget