Pre-order the SKEYE Mini Drone with HD camera now to save 34% [Deal]


Explore the skies and capture the footage to prove it with the SKEYE Mini Drone with HD camera.

From mastering smooth landings to pulling off impressive flips and rolls, you choose the adventure and the SKEYE Mini Drone will take you there. This perfectly-sized drone packs both a beginner and veteran pilot mode for a guaranteed good time no matter your experience — and thanks to Cult of Android Deals, you can pre-order yours with 34% off for a limited time.

Check out the video below to the see the SKEYE Mini Drone in action! Note: Do try this at home.

SKEYE Mini Drone is great for night time flight with integrated LED lights, while its precision controls and six-axis stabilization let you perform flips, barrel rolls, and other aerobatic tricks with ease. SKEYE doesn’t just capture pictures but videos, too, and boasts beginner and advanced flight modes.

SKEYE’s regular retail price will be $99, but for a limited time, your can pre-order yours within the next two days for just $64.99.