Get a $100 prepaid Visa with the LG G4 on Verizon

Pretty tempting, huh? Photo:

Pretty tempting, huh? Photo: LG

In an effort to attract phablet fans who might be holding onto their cash for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 5, Verizon is offering customers a $100 Visa card when they pick up LG’s flagship G4.

Sure, there are a few reasons why you may be skeptical about LG’s newest smartphone, but price definitely isn’t one of them. Compared to the smaller Galaxy S6, which is priced at $599.99 outright on Verizon, the $550 G4 looks like a bargain with a bigger battery and expandable storage.

You get even greater value for your money from Big Red right now, with the carrier offering complimentary Visa cards with $100 of credit when you buy a G4 in black leather, metallic grey, or ceramic white.

To qualify for the promotion, you’ll need to pick up your G4 on contract or Verizon Edge before August 12 from “eligible” brick and mortar stores, or Verizon’s website. You’ll also need to fill out the carrier’s rebate form before the promotion expires.

Once you’ve got your prepaid card, you’ll have six months to spend your $100 before the credit expires — but that shouldn’t be too difficult.

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