Samsung hit with lawsuit for crazy amounts of smartphone bloatware

Welcome to the bloat!

Welcome to the bloat!

Samsung phones have been bogged-down with bloatware for as long as they’ve been around, but a Chinese consumer protection group is doing more than just complain about it — by suing Samsung and another Chinese vendor, Oppo, for loading their phones with literally dozens of pre-installed apps which are impossible to delete.

The consumer protection group wants to make it illegal for the smartphone industry to include bloatware on devices since it fills us phones’ internal memory and gives customers no choice in the matter.

While many manufacturers include bloatware on phones, Samsung has taken this to extremes — with 44 pre-installed apps on the Chinese Galaxy Note 3 alone.

“We hope [this suit] will force other companies in the sector to end the unreasonable, but common, practice of pre-installing apps without telling consumers,” says Tao Ailian, Commission Secretary-General of the consumer rights group in question. “This is something that is very much necessary for the healthy development of the whole industry.”

A similar case was previously brought against the iPhone 5, although the court ruled in Apple’s favor.

Via: Android Authority