Virtual reality is now as cheap as Cardboard on iOS


I can’t wait for the virtual reality future to finally go mainstream, but with company’s like Oculus talking about charging people over $1,500 for an entire Rift package, VR is virtually out of my price-range. Thankfully, Google is coming up with an easy-to-use VR solution that’s not only as cheap as a piece of cardboard, it works on Android and iOS too.

Google announced a new version of its Cardboard virtual reality viewer today that now supports any smartphone with a 6-inch display, including the iPhone. The modified design ditches the old magnet controller that debuted with the first model, replacing it with a cardboard button the will work on any phone.

The new Cardboard virtual reality app works on both iOS and Android, allowing users to explore cityscapes, take virtual tours, or view 3D objects from a museum collection. The new Cardboard viewers are easier to setup than ever, requiring just three steps, and the software development kit also brings support for iOS.

You can build you own model at home, or buy a cheap viewer made by companies like Dodo, Mattel, and others from Google’s store.

Source: Google