Google’s dirt-cheap cellphone network breaks all the rules

Google took the wraps off its new wireless network called Project Fi today, revealing that it will sell basic plans with talk, text, Wi-Fi, tethering and international coverage for just $20 a month.

Rather than building out its own infrastructure for the wireless network, Google is partnering with both Sprint and T-Mobile, and will allow customers to seamlessly switch between the two networks for the fastest connection available at your current location.

Check out the Project Fi video below:

Project Fi details were announced on a Google blog this morning, outlining the pricing for plans. Along with charging $20 for the basics, Google will add on an extra $10 for every 1GB of cellular data used per month. If you don’t use all of your data for the month though, Google says it will credit you back the difference.

Unfortunately, not all Android users will be able to take advantage of Project Fi just yet. The invite-only service will be exclusive to the Nexus 6 which was developed with Motorola as the first smartphone with the hardware and software needed to run on the network.

The first wave of invites are scheduled to go out next week, so if you do have Nexus 6, you can sign up for one here.