iPhone regains its lead over Android for first time in three years

Android's not winning this fight any more.

Android’s not winning this fight any more.

Coming off a monster financial quarter, things are pretty good in Cupertino right now. But if Tim Cook didn’t have enough to smile about over his morning coffee, here’s one more: Apple has overtaken U.S. sales of Android devices for the first time since 2012.

According to figures pulled by market research team Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, the holiday quarter was a massive one for Apple as far as market share goes — with iOS devices picking up 47.7 percent of sales, compared to Android’s 47.6 percent.

Okay, so that’s an incredibly slim 0.1 percent difference, but bear in mind this means that one company’s handsets beat the combined sales of every single Android smartphone maker. Of these, the leading Android manufacturer was Samsung — with its Galaxy S5 coming the closest to challenging the iPhone.

Android experienced declines in other major markets, too. In the top five E.U. countries, Android’s market share shrunk by the same 3.8 percentage points that it did in the U.S. The biggest E.U. country to hope on the Apple bandwagon was the U.K., which increased its iOS love by 13.1 percentage points, next to the 7.5 percentage points dropped by Android.

Apple is still in the minority of sales in China, with 21.5 percent of sales in the last three months of 2014, next to 77 percent of sales in the Android camp — pushed by affordable brands like Xiaomi. But even here Apple is catching up: with its 21.5 percent of sales representing an increase from the 19 percent Apple represented this time last year.

You can check out Kantar’s full results below. We wonder if Android can regain its lead after the iPhone 6’s insanely hot sales period cools off somewhat.

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Photo: Kantar Worldpanel

Via: TechCrunch