Microsoft’s new Outlook app will change the way you do email

Microsoft's Outlook remix is now available on iOS and Android. Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft’s Outlook remix is now available on iOS and Android. Photo: Microsoft

Back in December, we noted that Microsoft had acquired the popular iOS and Android email app Acompli, which offered a more task-oriented approach to email, with the ability to schedule meetings, edit your calendar, and in your most important emails to the top of the page.

Just under two months on, and Microsoft is launching a cross-platform version of Outlook for the first time ever — incorporating pretty much all the tools previously found in Acompli.

And don’t worry: if you’re not a user of Microsoft’s email services, Outlook also supports Yahoo, iCloud and Gmail accounts.

In an interview with The Verge, a Microsoft Office spokesperson said that, “We have been and we’ll continue to update the app weekly, so in a very short period time you’ll start to see variance from the Acompli app that will not be updated after that point.”

Microsoft’s goal with the app is to focus on business and enterprise clients, although your casual user will no doubt get something out of Acompli Microsoft’s assorted features.

If you’re a Windows user, the iOS and Android version of Outlook will be very much in line with the desktop offering of Microsoft’s email tool — with the same speedy access to calendar, contacts, mail, and files. Recently, the company also previewed a new version of Outlook for Windows 10 — which will close the gap even further by also carrying across the same swipe-based interface.

Outlook is freely available for both Apple’s iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play store starting today.

Source: Microsoft