Google’s wireless network will swap between T-Mobile, Sprint, and Wi-Fi

Something much more ambitious than Google Voice is coming.

Something much more ambitious than Google Voice is coming. Photo: Google

Google is about to become its own wireless network, and while the company is keeping quiet on its cellular ambitions, new details have leaked claiming Google’s service might finally be able to cure your signal loss problems.

Citing unnamed sources familiar with Google’s plans, the Wall Street Journal reported today that Google’s network will switch between service on Sprint, T-Mobile and WiFi to route all voice, text messages, and data through the best possible signal.

Google wireless service will allegedly be available nationwide in the first half of 2015. The company planned to launch the service in October 2014 but reportedly had to delay to rollout.

Providing Nexus phone owners with the best and fastest wireless connection possible without worrying about a long-term relationship with a carrier is one of the top goals of the service, reports the Journal. The move could also be a catalyst that drives down data prices as carriers compete to provide better quality data.

The rumored Google network, code named Nova, already has a fair number of naysayers saying its doomed to fail before it even launches, but Sprint has apparently negotiated a “volume trigger” in its contract which would allow the carrier to renegotiate its terms if Google’s service becomes too popular to handle.

Source: WSJ