Cheeky much? Google places billboard ad right next to Apple Store

Jealous much? Photo:

Twitter user Corey B spotted Google’s latest audacious move against Apple. Photo: Corey B

Thermonuclear war may be over between Google and Apple, but that doesn’t mean that the two aren’t willing to score points against one another.

A few months after Tim Cook critiqued Google’s entire business model during his interview with Charlie Rose, and Google’s Eric Schmidt dismissed the bestselling iPhone 6 as a Samsung clone, Google has struck again with its latest act of aggression: a double billboard for Google Play positioned right next to a leading Apple Store.

The Apple Store in question is its Meatpacking District retail outlet in Manhattan. While not New York’s flagship Apple Store, this is certainly one of Apple’s major stores in the city: being Manhattan’s only Apple Store with an entire floor dedicated to service.

Is Google being petty? Absolutely. When it was first spotted by Twitter user Corey B, he added the hashtag #jealous — which, rightly or wrongly, is certainly what this move comes across as.

As brazen as it is, however, it’s worth noting that this isn’t the most audacious bit of advertising carried out by the search giant recently. Late last year Google shelled out millions to be the first company to advertise on a new video billboard in New York’s Times Square — measuring more than 77 feet in height by 323 feet in length, with a true resolution of 2,368 x 10,048.

Looks like Google’s 2015 New Year’s Resolution is to kick its advertising up a step. And kick Apple while it’s at it!

Via: Gary Allen