Bid farewell to tangles with these ultra durable micro USB cables [Deal]


Don’t you just hate tangled wires? These flexible and twistable micro USB cables, featuring soft yet protective jackets to guard cable and connector housings, are far more resilient than your average charging cable — and they’ll never tangle. And thanks to Cult of Android Deals, you can get three for just $13.99 — down from $42 — for a limited time.

Their portable and sturdy design makes these 7-inch cables perfect for use with portable power banks, the USB outlet or charger in your car, a laptop or on-desk USB hub, or just about anywhere else. And because they are micro USB cables, they’re compatible with an ever-increasing list of devices — including almost every smartphone and tablet powered by Android.

For just $13.99 for a limited time through Cult of Android Deals, you can pick up three of these cables and forget having to untangle your wires before you use them ever again.