Last chance: Get some serious air with the limited edition Code Black Drone + HD Camera [Deal]

CoM_Black Hawk Drone

It’s back, the DARK KNIGHT of the sky. We have limited units available and this exclusive offer is valid only while supplies last.

Get non-stop fun with the exclusive and limited-edition Code Black Drone + HD Camera from Cult of Android Deals. You can order yours now for half price — that’s just $99.

The limited edition Code Black Drone + HD Camera is new, sleek, and loads of fun. Plus, with such a small purchase price, it’s the perfect solution for those who are interested in trying out a drone without investing hundreds of dollars.

With the Code Black Drone, you get a generous 10 minutes of flight time on a single 30-minute charge. It comes with a choice between a standard- or high-definition camera for taking jaw-dropping, in-flight shots, and its matte black appearance makes it perhaps the coolest looking drone on the market today.

Worried that you don’t have what it takes to successfully fly a drone? The Code Black Drone has flying modes for both experts and beginners, so flying this drone is a breeze no matter your flying experience.

The sleek, exclusive, and limited edition Code Black Drone + HD Camera can be ordered for $99 now from Cult of Android Deals, but this is your last chance to grab one, because the deal ends in 5 days.


Bonus deal!


Get ready for non-stop, high-speed drone flying fun with this ultra-fast and agile nano drone. Not only can this quadcopter reach multi-directional speeds of 30+ miles per hour, but it can pull off seamless 360 degree flips and barrel rolls through the sky — and it’s only $45 for a limited time.