This messaging app shares everything you or your friends type in real-time

Photo: Beam Messenger

Photo: Beam Messenger

If you have an iPhone, you’ve probably had the experience of waiting in agonizing anticipation as a friend or loved one takes frickin’ forever to type the next iMessage. And just like a watched pot never boils, an unsent iMessage (…) never seems to get sent… especially when someone has stupidly walked away from their iMessage with text in the field without clicking ‘Send,’

If you’re always waiting for people to get done with sending you messages, well, there’s an app for that. It shows you what people are texting, as they texting it.

Available now for Android, but with an iOS version promised soon, Beam Messenger is a messaging app with one simple conceit: it lets you see what your friends are typing, as they type it.

That’s right. Beam Messenger beams literally everything your friends type to your device in real-time. That includes all the stuff you think better of, and all the stuff you delete.

No more will you have to stare at the ‘Now Typing’ ellipsis, wondering what your friends are typing in! You can see their backspaced faux pases and their deleted confessions before their sent.

But of course, there’s a rub. Just as you can see what your friends are typing in real time, so too can your friends see what you type. So if you’re the type who starts texting before you think, you’ll have to adjust your thinking.

Right now, Beam Message is available as a free download on the Google Play store, although obviously, to see what your friends are typing, you’ll need to get them to download the app too. As for an iOS version, the developers promise it’s coming soon; we’ll keep you informed.

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Via: Buzzfeed