Sony hopes to save Xperia with iPhone-like annual refreshes

The Xperia Z3v is essentially a regular Z3 with some Verizon logos. Photo: Sony

The Xperia Z3v in all its waterproof glory. Photo: Sony

Unlike every other major smartphone company, Apple launches new flagship iPhones just once a year, meaning that whenever a customer buys a new iPhone around release time they can rest safe in the knowledge that their device is going to remain current for a whole twelve months.

Seeing the kind of success Apple has had with this model, Song Mobile has reportedly gone back to the Xerox machine drawing board, and decided to scrap their own twice-yearly policy of refreshing its flagship Xperia phone in favor an Apple-style annual overhaul.

Sony’s policy up to now has been endlessly frustrating for users, who are not only faced with an old phone after just six months (provided you race out and buy it on launch day), but also are no longer top of the list for Android updates — since handset makers tend to update their latest phones first and then work backwards.

Up until now the reason for other vendors not following Apple’s yearly upgrade cycle has been based on fear of losing out on market share to rival vendors due to a lack of new flagship phones.

With the high-end smartphone market now reaching maturation, Sony Mobile will instead focus its resources on developing the best possible flagship phone rather than working to rush out multiple new flagship handsets each year.

In all, a great decision for Xperia users — provided the rumor turns out to be accurate, of course.