Get exclusive gamer swag with a 3-month discounted subscription to Loot Crate [Deal]

Do you love yourself some video games? Like brain-teasing, science-fiction tales? Do you fearlessly wear your Starfleet uniform to the grocery store like it was Comic Con?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Loot Crate was designed for you. Loot Crate delivers goodie bags full of awesome swag to your door each and every month, and for a limited time only thanks to Cult of Android Deals, you can get three months for just $47.99.

Loot Crate has been described as geek Christmas that’s delivered to your door once per month. Every month, Loot Crate subscribers get delivered a box of mystery. What’s inside? No one knows until they rip open their crate. That’s the beauty of it.

Though you’ll never know what’ll be inside your Loot Crate before you open it, be assured that you’re going to get really cool and exclusive items — like t-shirts, limited edition figures, books, and much more. The value inside each Loot Crate is always more than what you pay for the subscription.

With this offer from Cult of Android Deals, you’ll get a 3-month subscription to Loot Crate for just $47.99 — a significant discount over the regular cost of $56. That makes your first three Loot Crates even better value for money.

If you like the idea of receiving a box full of awesome stuff once a month, just click the button below and start your Loot Crate subscription today.