Samsung has created a flexible, rollable battery for wearables

Photo: Tizenindonesia

The real Bendgate? Photo: Tizenindonesia

Although we’ve yet to see a truly mass-market wearable device sweep the world, most people working in high tech believe that devices like smartwatches represent the next big frontier.

With that in mind, Samsung has debuted a potentially transformative creation at the ongoing InterBattery 2014 exhibition being held in Seoul, Korea: a rollable, flexible battery.

Although not too many details are known yet about the exact materials and structural design advances used to create it, it is reported that the battery can function even when bent in half, or rolled up into the shape of a paper cup.

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Sadly it’s still a research project, which means that it’s not quite ready for the masses yet. Samsung’s R&D division (which is one of the most well-funded in high tech) apparently plans to go back to the lab to work on improving battery reliability — and it’s unlikely that the finished results will be commercially available for at least the next couple of years.

When they do, however, they could absolutely be miraculous for future smartwatches and other wearable form factors.

Samsung also took the InterBattery 2014 opportunity to unveil a tiny, pin-sized battery measuring just 20 x 3.6mm, boasting a capacity of 10 mAh. It, too, has been designed for future wearables.

Source: Tizenindonesia

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