iPhone 6 laps Android competitors in multi-tasking speed test


The iPhone 6 comes armed with a fast new A8 processor, but some fanboys were disappointed to discover the new chip only sports 1GB, when most premium Android handsets are rolling 2GB deep with more GHz on the spec sheet than iPhone 6 can match.

iPhone 6 has performed admirably in GeekBench tests, but to see how Apple’s new phone compares in the real world, PhoneBuff created a multi-tasking obstacle course, where the iPhone and it’s competition had to jump from app to app in the fastest time possible.

HTC One (M8) and the Samsung Galaxy S5 both have 2GB of RAM, when it comes to everyday use the iPhone 6 doesn’t just beat the competition, it nearly runs a lap around the Galaxy S5.

Check out the action below: