Last chance: StickR TrackR 2 helps you find missing necessities in seconds [Deal]


Don’t waste another second of your life searching for your car keys, your wallet, or your TV remote. With the StickR TrackR 2 pack from Cult of Android Deals, you can equip your necessities with tiny tags that will help you locate them in an instant when they go missing — and for a limited time, you’ll pay just $29.95, saving you 25%.

The StickR TrackR is a coin-sized tag that can be attached or stuck onto anything you think you could lose, such as tablets and other mobile electronics, keys and wallets, bags and luggage, TV remotes, or even your bike. They then connect to your smartphone and help you locate your items when you can’t find them.

The TrackR uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to connect to your smartphone or tablet, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to locate it when it’s out of range with your device. By using “Crowd GPS” technology, TrackR can use the connections of other devices nearby to send its location back to you.

With TrackR, you can save time, money, and lots of stress and frustration. Here are some of its best features:

  • Distance Indicator – TrackR displays the distance between yourself and your items
  • Multiple Item Tracking – TrackR can keep track of all your essential items – single phone or tablet can track up to 10 items simultaneously
  • Two-Way Find – One button tap on your StickR TrackR will signal your phone to ring, even on silent and one button tap on your TrackR app will signal your items to beep for easy discovery
  • Two-Way Separation Alert – If you are about to leave your keys behind, your phone will send you a push notification to remind you. Vice versa, if you are about to leave your phone behind, StickR TrackR rings to notify you.
  • Crowd GPS Technology – Anytime your TrackR is near another user’s device, you’ll be able to see where your missing item has gone, right from the app
  • No Recharging – Don’t worry about batteries, TrackR lasts for over 1 year on an easy to replace coin cell battery

With the StickR TrackR 2 pack from Cult of Android Deals, you get two black StickR TrackR devices, two CR2016 cell batteries, double-sided adhesive, and key attachment lanyards for just $29.95 — 25% off its regular retail price. But you need to act fast because this awesome offer ends today. Click the button below to take advantage of it.