First alleged picture of the Motorola Shamu leaks

The Motorola/Google Nexus Shamu. Photo: 'Guest'

The Motorola/Google Nexus Shamu. Photo: ‘Guest’

Yesterday, thanks to 9To5Google, quite a lot of detail about the upcoming Nexus handset from Motorola and Google was revealed. Today, a new image of the handset has surfaced on the Internet, where the poster has compared it to the LG G3. 

The picture only shows the back side of a device, whose design seems to match the Moto X, pitted against the LG G3 — which already has a gigantic 5.5-inch display. Rumors and leaks have indicated that the next Nexus will have a design similar to the new Moto X and this leak adds further credibility to them.

The Motorola shamu is rumored to come with a gigantic 5.9-inch display and looking at the way how it tames the G3 in size in the photo above, this seems very likely. The original source of the leak also suggests that the shamu will be making its way to Verizon.