Get 3 years of password management and security at half price with Dashlane [Deal]

The internet offers users a wealth of applications for social media, shopping, banking, and more. You can do pretty much anything online. With every website you join, however, you need to have a login name and password — and with passwords becoming necessarily complex, it can be difficult to remember all of your login information.

Now, you can use Dashlane Premium to take care of your passwords for you. Dashlane Premium remembers your password data and more so that you don’t have to. Three years of service is offered for a limited time only at half price — just $49.99 — at Cult of Android Deals.

Dashlane Premium remembers more than just your passwords; any form data you repeatedly enter — such as your name, address, and phone number — are stored to streamline your internet experience. Even your payment information can be saved so that you don’t have to continually hunt for your credit cards and type in a bunch of numbers time and time again.

Security is important to you, and it is to the makers of Dashlane Premium as well. That’s why Dashlane features military-grade AES-256 encryption and a Security Dashboard that tells you how strong your passwords are. If your passwords aren’t up to snuff, the software will even help you to create ones that are.

Best of all, Dashlane does not store your master password on its servers, so the only person who can decrypt your data is you.

Dashlane Premium also monitors the websites you frequent, and if a security breach occurs on any of those sites, it will send you a direct notification to your device so you can take immediate action.

Take the guesswork out of your password and form data organization. Get 3 years of Dashlane Premium for only $49.99 at Cult of Android Deals today.