Last chance: Feather Buds earphones are lightweight, crystal clear, just $25 [Deal]


Stop wasting time every day untangling your headphones. With the TOCCs wireless Feather Buds, chaotic cables can no longer hinder the enjoyment of your music. They’re super comfortable, lightweight, and they boast crystal clear sound — and for today only, they’re just $24.99 thanks to Cult of Android Deals.

The TOCCs Feather Buds are the perfect mix of comfort, convenience, and high-quality sound. They’re Bluetooth compatible, and they’re packed with awesome features that will make your existing headphones obsolete.

With a noise canceling outer shell, you will be able to isolate the sounds you want to hear and eliminate the noise around you, so that it’s just your and your music — in excellent clarity. This provides a more immersive experience that can make your favorite tracks and albums all the more enjoyable.

Because Feather Buds are lightweight and tangle free, you never feel like you ears are weighed down with extra tech, and you’re never left frustratingly untangling wires for what seems like hours. And with a 30-foot Bluetooth range, you don’t need to sit in one spot; you can move around freely without disrupting your music.


There’s even a built-in microphone, so if a calls comes in while you’re jamming, you can take it without having to pull your Feather Buds out.

It is hard to find a set of headphones that checks all boxes. The Feather Buds do just that. They’re packed with all the features you’re looking for — like a noise canceling outer shell, tangle-free wireless design, lightweight build and crystal clear audio. You just won’t want to ever leave these bad boys at home.

You need to act fast if you want your own pair, though, because in just six days, the price goes back up to $60. Save 58% now and order yours for $24.99 by clicking the button below.