Motorola confirms that the new Moto X is not coming to Sprint

Photo: Motorola

Photo: Motorola

Motorola has confirmed on Twitter that its latest flagship — the Moto X (2014) — will not be arriving on Sprint’s network in the United States. This means that the handset will only be available on Verizon and AT&T this time around.

A user on the Sprint network enquired Motorola about when handset’s availability on the Now Network only to receive a heartbreaking answer from the company.

Motorola’s decision to not launch the new Moto X on Sprint is quite surprising since the company had released its predecessor on the Now network last year. The reason behind Motorola not bringing the new Moto X on Sprint is not really clear at the moment, but it is possible that it has to do with the Now network being based on the CDMA protocol, which greatly complicates and slows down the roll-out of Android updates.

While T-Mobile is not carrying the new Moto X officially, the handset supports all the bands required for it to work properly on the carrier’s network. So, you can always grab the Pure Edition of the handset and use it on the Magenta network without any issues.