Turn your Android Wear into a neutered Apple Watch clone


Apple Watch and its revolutionary UI were in the making for three years, and even though it was revealed less than a week ago, it only took Android Wear four days to copy it.

Android Wear users who don’t want to wait until early 2015 to try Apple’s UI can get a taste of neutered version of it via a copycat watchface called Pear from UhrArt that imitates the bubbly homescreen of Apple Watch.

So there is this big company, let’s call it PEAR industries, which will release that awesome new product in 2015. They always tell how cool and innovative they are. So I decided, that it would be nice if we show the people following this company how cool our shiny products can be 😉

Obviously the watchface doesn’t give you Apple’s Digital Crown, but it does let you see how beautiful a round Apple Watch would be, along with showcasing how diverse Android Wear’s watchfaces are becoming only months into the launch.

Pear could also be a great way to fool friends into thinking you got your hands on a special prototype Apple Watch. The design can be downloaded for free on Google Play and comes with both round and square versions.

Source: WearFaces