Unlocked, Unbranded Moto X to be known as the ‘Pure Edition’

Photo: Motorola

Photo: Motorola

Motorola has revealed to The Verge that the unlocked and unbranded version of the new Moto X will be known as the Moto X Pure Edition when it goes on sale later this month. 

Recent handsets of Motorola either way run a near stock build of Android with only a few minor enhancements and tweaks. The carrier models, however, are loaded with quite a few bloatware, which can ruin the stock Android experience.

This is where the ‘Pure Edition’ Moto X gets its name from. It runs on stock Android and comes bundled with only a few Motorola apps and services minus any of the carrier bloatware. The handset’s bootloader can also be easily unlocked via Moto’s official unlock tool, something which is not possible on the carrier variants.

Motorola does not exactly state as to when exactly this ‘Pure Edition’ of the Moto X will go on sale except for a vague “later in September.” Either ways, if you don’t mind paying outright for a handset, definitely wait until the Pure Edition of the Moto X goes up for sale.