Did the new Nexus 7 pass through the FCC this weekend?

Could this be the new Nexus 7? Image: FCC.

Could this be the new Nexus 7? Image: My LG Phones.

This weekend, an unannounced Google-branded tablet passed through the United States of America’s official certification authority — the FCC. Information included in the brief filing documentation reveals that we could be looking at the new Nexus 7.

Unfortunately, the paperwork doesn’t reveal anything about the internals of the device, but we do know that the slate is set to pack a variety of different connectivity options, including support for 4G carrier bands (2 and 5), GSM, WCDMA, Bluetooth Class 1 (Version 4.0, LE+EDR), 802.11b/802.11g/802.11n Wi-Fi, NFC and GPS.

As can be seen in the image above the unit is ‘manufactured’ by LG, which immediately leads us to expect a Google Play Edition G Pad is on its way, but since the brand name is listed as Google and the model number is NX74751, we have reason to believe that this is, in fact, a Nexus device. Either way, we’re extremely excited.

If you wish to view the full FCC filing – just click the source link below.