Google details upcoming updates for Android Wear


Google today laid out its software update plans for Android Wear and the features that they will be bringing to its wearables platform. The first update will add offline music playback and GPS support to Android Wear, allowing you to listen to music on a Bluetooth headset, and go for a run and track your distance and speed without your smartphone.

The second update will bring the required APIs and allow you to download third party watch faces, which can be customized in nearly every aspect possible including design and the content being displayed by them. Sadly, Google does not state as to when these updates will roll out except for a vague “coming throughout the rest of this year.”

Google also mentions that all existing Android Wear watches will also be getting this update, though obviously certain features will only work if the watch in question has the required hardware.

The company also mentions that it is working with OEMs to bring more watch options in different shapes, size and with different sensors. For example, Google states that the recently announced ASUS ZenWatch comes with a bio sensor allowing you to keep “tabs on your fitness and relaxation levels throughout the day.”