Samsung announces first Android-powered printers


Meet the new generation of office printers. Image: Samsung.

Yesterday, during an exclusive press event at IFA, Samsung announced its first ever batch of Android-powered corporate inkjet printers — which it hopes will change the way businesses print, share and store documents on a daily basis.

According to Samsung, all its MultiXpress printers will come preloaded with its exclusive Smart UX Center skin plastered on top of the traditional Android operating system. It’s unclear at this point whether users will have access to the full suite of Google apps, too, but hey, with a little tinkering, anything’s possible. However, its pretty hard to imagine people engaging in a competitive game of Angry Birds on a printer.

“The new Samsung Smart MultiXpress series of MFPs each feature a 10.1-inch full touchscreen panel that enables users to search and print from web browsers, emails, maps, images and other types of content – without the need to connect to a PC or server. The touchscreen also offers the ability to preview documents, as well as editing and annotating capabilities,” writes Samsung in a post on its official blog.

Users will be able to pair Samsung’s NFC Pro accessory with any of these upcoming printers, which will, in turn, enable them to use their smartphones and tablets to print documents, photos and presentations remotely.

Are you interested in the new MultiXpress printers?