Samsung’s Gear S watch has a curved glass display and 3G connectivity

Meet the Gear S. Image: Samsung Tomorrow.

Meet the Gear S. Image: Samsung Tomorrow.

Today, Samsung officially took the wraps off its Gear S — the first ever standalone, Tizen-powered smartwatch with 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility. Yes, that’s right, folks. This watch does not need to be paired to a smartphone; you can stay up to date with all your notifications from social networks, calendars and applications even when your phone is nowhere to be seen. You can make and receive calls too with the Gear S. Now that’s pretty cool.

Electronics companies all over the world have been creating what they perceive to be the ideal watch-phone for a while now, but none have caught on. They’ve either been too slow, not functional enough or just a pain to use. However, it looks like Samsung may be the first company to overcome these issues with its 2-inch curved circular AMOLED display,  1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and its 300 mAh battery.

With these specifications, the Gear S won’t be sluggish in terms of performance and users will have plenty of screen real estate to fully utilize the onscreen keyboard, which can be used to instantly reply to text messages, social notifications and emails.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information with regards to pricing as of yet, but we do know that the device will be available in most key markets in just over a months time. We don’t see this device getting much attention, though, now that Samsung’s Galaxy Gear’s are finding it harder to compete with the more affordable Android Wear watches as they’re becoming exceedingly more attractive.

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