Monday Need-To-Know: Setting up your Pebble is easy


Have you just got your hands on a Pebble? If so, are you eager to start the setting up process? Well before you dive eagerly into the box, you may want to read through this Monday’s Need-to-Know as there are a few random pitfalls you could fall into along the way that would result in an extremely difficult and frustrating configuration procedure.

Firstly, to begin with do not attempt to pair your Pebble by heading into the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone or tablet — this will just create a minefield of hiccups and you’ll have to keep connecting and disconnecting the watch until it’s set up correctly. What you actually need to do is head on over to the Google Play Store and download the official companion application.

Once installed, open the Pebble app and tap the button labeled ‘I’m a new Pebble user.’ Even if you have an account you’re no longer logged into, we’d recommend you choose this option as we’ve found the application to be relatively unstable and a tad temperamental when trying to log into existing accounts. Once you’ve tapped the button, you’ll be directed to a registration form to fill out.

Next you’ll be asked to pair your Pebble. To do this turn on your watch by clicking the button on the left-hand side. Then hit the Continue button on your smartphone/tablet. Your device will then initiate a search for your Pebble. Once located you will receive a push notification on your watch requesting to pair with your smartphone/tablet which requires your acceptance.

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