Enjoy your beats in the shower with the water-resistant AquaCube [Deal]


Everyone enjoys singing in the shower, but it’s even better when you have a backing track. With the water-resistant AquaCube speaker, you can take your favorite tunes in with you and enjoy them while you wash. It’s usually priced at $50, but thanks to Cult of Android Deals, it’s just $23.99 for a limited time with free shipping.

Don’t let the AquaCube’s compact size fool you; this speaker packs plenty of power. Whether you’re listening to music, catching up on your favorite podcast, or enjoying an audiobook, you’ll have no trouble hearing your content over your power shower. You won’t have to worry about it getting wet, either, because it’s IPX4 certified for water resistance.

The AquaCube uses Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone, tablet, or computer up to 30 feet away, and so it’s compatible with a plethora of different devices — regardless of platform. Its strong suction cup attaches to almost any flat surface, and its built-in lithium-ion battery provides up to 4 hours of playback in between charges.

The AquaCube also has a built-in microphone and acts as a speakerphone, so if you really need to take a call while you lather yourself up, you have the option to do so. We recommend you only do that with people who know you well.

To order your AquaCube now for just $23.99 with free shipping, click the button below. This offer is valid for five days, after which its price will go back up to $50.