Apps of the Week: Audible, Deezer & More


It’s Sunday, the time of the week when Cult of Android brings you its report of some of the very best apps we have been using throughout the course of the past week, and today we are focusing our attention on a great audiobook player, a music-streaming service, a gorgeous live wallpaper and a very illuminating widget.



Up first this week, we have Audible, which is a great application for anyone who wants to read more books but unfortunately just doesn’t have the time to do so. Instead of picking up a book or tablet and reading in the usual way, Audible enables its users to listen to books on the go.

You can purchase audiobooks from its library which holds over 150,000 titles, then listen to you’re chosen one either on your way to work, at the gym or just about anywhere.

This application incorporates some of the latest and greatest features your likely to find in on any audio streaming app, including, chapter navigation, bookmarking, adjustable narration speeds, button-free modes, multitasking for background listening and the ability to transfer books from one device to another over Wi-Fi.

If you like the sound of Audible and want to give it a go — click here to download and install the app.




Next up this week, we have Deezer — a rapidly-growing unlimited music streaming service for residents in over 180 countries. With Deezer users can play music whenever and wherever they want completely free of charge. Before using this application though, users will have to register for a free account or sign in with their Facebook credentials, only then, will they have the ability to create an endless stream of playlists from Deezer’s database of over 30 million songs, which they can then sync to their devices for offline listening.

One of Deezer’s greatest attributes is its ‘Ad Free’ approach to music streaming. Users can stream an unlimited amount of songs from their favourite artists, albums and playlists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, completely free of charge without having to listen to a single advertisement. Furthermore the Android application also gives users the ability to upload their own MP3s to Deezer’s servers, which can then be accessed from another mobile device or their computer.

If you like the sound of Deezer and want to give it a go — click here to download and install the app.

Xperia Z2 Live Wallpaper

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 21.53.05


No Apps Of The Week column would be complete without a live wallpaper, and this week we have chosen Wasabi’s very clean, simple and elegant Xperia Z2 Live Wallpaper.  This wallpaper is incredibly uncomplicated and smooth, much like the rest of Sony’s themed backgrounds. Once installed, the user’s wallpaper will change to a very relaxing wavy image on a purple background. If the user taps on their display a few perfectly rounded floating particles will emerge.

Unfortunately, much like all of Wasabi’s other masterpieces, there are adverts included, but thankfully they are only housed in the wallpaper’s settings. So our gorgeous home screens won’t become infested with annoying advertisements that never disappear.

If you like the sound of Xperia Z2 Live Wallpaper and want to give it a go — click here to download and install the app.

Tiny Flashlight + LED

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 22.07.49

Up last this week, we have a pretty cool LED flashlight widget, which not only allows its users to transform their smartphones and tablets into either a traditional flashlight, strobe light, warning light or disco light – providing it features an LED flash, of course, it also gives them the ability to create and send hidden messages in Morse code, thanks to a built-in text-to-morse code functionality. Simply input the text you wish to have encrypted, and within a matter of seconds the LED will start pulsing to spell out your message.

If you like the sound of Tiny Flashlight + LED and want to give it a go — click here to download and install the app.