HTC unveils the limited edition One M8 PHUNK


HTC has unveiled a new limited edition variant of the One M8 in association with PHUNK Studio — a Singapore based art and design collective. While internally, the One M8 PHUNK sports the same specs as the normal M8, its the exterior of the device that makes it special. 

The back of this limited-edition One M8 has been emblazoned with one-of-a-kind artwork, which is based on the theme ‘Wonderment.’

“A lot of our inspiration is found through travelling, conversations with local friends, trips to libraries, book stores and museums,” says Jackson Tan, PHUNK’s Creative Director. “We are really excited to be involved in something that allows us to further spread our creativity in areas we haven’t yet explored when it comes to innovation in technology.”


HTC will only be producing 64 units of this limited edition variant of the One M8, and will not be offering it for sale. Instead, it would be hosting giveaways giving the consumers a chance to get their hands on the phone. The handset will be made in two colors variants though — Silver and Gold.

The designers at PHUNK have also created two custom wallpapers, which can be downloaded by heading to the source link below.