Wednesday’s Must Have Game: Badland


Badland is without a doubt one of the most-unique games to have ever made its way onto the Play Store. This popular title is an atmospheric side scrolling action adventure platform, set in a gorgeous forest filled with a plethora of different inhabitants, trees and flowers.

Although the forest looks pretty tranquil and relaxing, something is actually terribly wrong. Your role, as the player, is to control one of the forest’s loyal inhabitants (which multiply, if you’re lucky) and discover what exactly is going on in this mystical place.

Through your journey, you’ll face a ton of challenging traps which evil professors have laid in an effort to capture your characters. It’s your job to figure out how to overcome these obstacles. There are no rules, tips or guidelines to get your creatures to the end of each level without being killed, most of it comes down to trial and error, so don’t waste your time trying to overthink each and every stratagem.

Badland has local multiplayer for up to four players integrated, but, unfortunately, all of them have to be playing on the same device. Multiplayer is based on the old Darwinian adage “survival of the fittest”, but this time, there’s no rules. According to Frogmind, the developer of this awesome game, “it’s completely okay to push your rivals into spinning circular saws in order to survive.”

Badland is completely free to download, and if you’re looking for a thrilling adventure game, look no further.