Last chance: Measure gases, light, heat and more with Sensordrone [Deal]


In Star Trek, the crew of the Enterprise would routinely beam down to a planet, pull out their trusty tricorders and scan the environment for a multitude of different things, like gas levels and air quality.

Now you can have something like a tricorder for yourself. The Sensordrone Bluetooth Sensor has 11 sensors packed into a tiny housing that collects real data on your surroundings, and thanks to Cult of Android Deals, it’s just $149 for a very limited time.

The Sensordrone Bluetooth Sensor can detect things like the temperature, where studs are in walls, carbon monoxide levels, and much more. It’s small enough to fit on your keychain and it has Bluetooth connectivity so you can pair it with many mobile devices.

Currently there are about 11 free apps available for Android that will connect with the Sensordrone Bluetooth Sensor, and more are being created all the time. It also works with many iOS devices. The possibilities of this sensor really are limitless.

Here’s what the Sensordrone Bluetooth Sensor can do:

  • Precision Gas Sensor: Test air quality, carbon monoxide levels.
  • Reducing Gas Sensor: Sense methane, propane, and natural gas leaks.
  • Oxidizing Gas Sensor: Ozone sensing and chlorine leaks.
  • Non-Contact Thermometer: Check food temperature, engine diagnostics, and whatever else you point it at.
  • Humidity Sensor: Check heat index, but also great for finding optimum food storage conditions, even preventing mold from growing in your home.
  • Temperature Sensor: Measure ambient temperature.
  • Light Sensor: For checking light intensity, sunlight monitoring, or even late-night refrigerator use.
  • Color Sensors: Use as a color meter, color matcher/analyzer, even pattern recognition.
  • Pressure Sensor: Works as a barometer or altimeter, and you can connect to a pressure cuff to act as a blood pressure monitor.
  • Proximity Sensor: Use it as a stud finder or liquid level monitor.
  • Expansion Connector: Digital (TTL UART & i2C) and analog (0-3V) interface for connecting other sensors like EKGs, Thermal Printers, and more!

To get the Sensordrone now, visit the Cult of Android Deals page by clicking the button below — but don’t wait around; this offer is valid for just three days, after which the price goes back up to $199.