Microsoft is bringing live TV to your smartphone via Xbox One


Yesterday, at an official Gamescom press conference in Cologne, Germany, Microsoft announced and detailed the contents of both its upcoming updates for the Xbox One and SmartGlass companion application.

The upgrades are expected to go live within the next three months. SmartGlass will take full advantage of the Xbox One’s integrated TV Tuner, by enabling users to watch television on their smartphone or tablet without interrupting a gameplay session.

Below is a snippet of video taken at the conference showing the upcoming feature in action. We’ve skipped ahead to the relevant demonstration (3:19), so all you have to do is hit the Play button.

Once these update have been downloaded and installed users streaming TV with SmartGlass will be able to play, pause, rewind and fast forward shows directly from their mobile device. They will also be able to change channels without having to interact with the Xbox One console or the television it’s connected to — so the application effectively turns your smartphone into a Wi-Fi TV by utilizing the content on your console and mirroring it to your phone.

To find out more about the Xbox One firmware update, be sure to hit the source link below.