TapPath makes opening links in different apps easier with single, double or triple taps


Chris Lacy, developer of Action Launcher and Link Bubble, has released another unique app on the Play Store — TapPath. The app’s premise is pretty simple: It lets users specify different apps they want to open when they single, double or triple click a link. 

By default, Android only allows users to specify a single default app for a specific file type or link. By introducing a double and triple-tap functionality, Chris Lacy is providing users with extra functionality, which he akins to “right-clicking links on a PC, but in a mobile-friendly way.”

For TapPath to work properly, users will have to set it as the default app to intercept all http and https links on your device. Apart from allowing users to set up the different default apps for a single, double or triple-app, it also allows them to adjust the delay (in milliseconds) between each taps.

If for some reason the app continuously registers your double or triple-taps as a single click, make sure to decrease the time between each tap from Settings, which should solve the issue.

Like all other apps from Chris Lacy, TapPath is an instant-buy, especially since it costs only $0.99.