Android Platform Distribution numbers are out: KitKat continues to grow


Like clockwork, Google has updated its the Android version distribution chart with updated data for a 7-day period ending on August 12. According to the latest data from the company. the latest version of Android — KitKat — grew by over 3%  to 20.9% in just a month.

The most surprising part, however, is that Gingerbread, which is more than 3.5 years old now, saw a slight increase in its user base from 13.5& to 13.6%. For an OS version that is so old, it is quite commendable that Gingerbread is still there in the charts, even though so many developers and users alike want it to be dead.

The user base of Ice Cream Sandwich, and all the three versions of Jelly Bean combined dropped to 10.6 and 54.2%, respectively.

Do note that the above data only shows those devices that have accessed the Play Store at least once over a period of 7 days in August, and do not reflect the actual user base of Android.