Quit smoking and track your progress on your Android Wear watch


Quitting and breaking the extremely addictive habit of smoking is a truly memorable achievement. It requires determination, commitment and oodles of will power — so wouldn’t it be great to have a reminder of your success in your day-to-day life? One of the main reasons, aside from health benefits, that urges people to give up is financial stability, and that’s where Stop Smoking! for Android Wear comes into play.

This application provides a gentle reminder of how well you’re doing once you’ve quit. It presents you with a motivational report on a daily basis highlighting how long it’s been since you last smoked, how many cigarettes you’ve avoided and how much money you have saved since quitting.

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This data is calculated from the time you install the Stop Smoking! app on your smartphone and Android Wear-powered watch. You’ll be asked to fill in a short questionnaire in which you’ll be requested to supply the exact date you gave up smoking, how many cigarettes you used to smoke per day, how many cigarettes are in a standard pack and, finally, how much money one pack costs. It will then perform the relevant totting up and generate a report.

We think this is a fantastic little app for anyone who has recently stopped smoking to have installed on their watch as it acts as a fantastic motivator that’s primarily designed to boost morale. Most of the time, knowing how far you’ve come and how much money you’ve saved in the process prevents you from going back to smoking. So why not give it a go?