The Google Play edition of Galaxy S4 has been officially discontinued


The Google Play edition of the Galaxy S4 was removed from Google Play today indicating that it has been officially discontinued by Google and Samsung.

The handset was the first Google Play edition device announced last year at Google I/O. 

The handset went out of stock on Google Play more than a month ago. However, since the listing was not removed, many people believed that the stock of the device would be replenished at a later date, which did not happen.

The main question that still remains unanswered is whether we will see Google and Samsung team up to release a Google Play edition of the Galaxy S5 or not. Rumors about a GPe Galaxy S5 have been floating around the Internet for quite sometime but nothing concrete about the device has leaked online that should confirm its existence.

This year, there has only been one¬†addition to the Google Play edition roster of devices — the HTC One M8 — which is still up for sale along with the Moto G on Google Play.

With rumors floating around about Google working on an Android Silver program, it is very much possible that the Google Play edition program would be phased out by the end of this year or early next year and would be replaced by it.