CatFacts app is the purr-fect way to troll your friends

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Some apps are about transforming productivity and making it easier to achieve the kind of tasks we need to carry out on a daily basis. Others are just about annoying your friends.

CatFacts has all four paws firmly in the latter camp. You see, several years ago a super-popular thread turned up on Reddit, telling the story of a user whose young cousin shared his new phone number on Facebook. Without letting him know who was behind it, the older cousin began trolling his younger relative with unprompted “Cat Facts” which he had apparently signed up to, but which didn’t provide an easy way to unsubscribe.

Over a series of messages, the young cousin’s initial bewilderment turns into fury, while transforming the thread itself into pure Internet gold.

Cat Facts had the making of a purr-fect Internet meme.

Cat Facts had the making of a purr-fect Internet meme.

Jump forward to the present day and CatFacts has been turned into a new Android app, available for download in the Google Play Store. Free to download, the app lets you send unlimited automated cat facts to friends using your phone number, or upwards of five from an anonymous CatFacts number (users begin with five free messages, although additional ones can be purchased.)

It’s not as great as the original Reddit thread, since user guidelines mean that there are less frustrating ways to unsubscribe, but it’s still a pretty fantastic concept — and well executed, to boot.

CatFacts can be downloaded at the below link.

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