Apps of the Week: Any.Do, SMS by MightyText & More!


It’s Sunday, the time of the week when Cult of Android brings you its report on some of the best apps we have been using throughout the past week. This week we have been trying out a very useful to-do list, a fantastic SMS client and an informative live wallpaper. To-do List & Task List:

Up first this week, we have, a very clean user-friendly to-do list application which syncs seamlessly with the cloud, enabling you to keep on top of just about anything you choose, across all of your devices. recently received a rather hefty update, bringing several new features including; alerts, speech recognition, Google Task Sync, re-designed widgets, and gesture support to the app, all helping to transform it to the most functional task listing service currently available on the Play Store.

In addition to storing lists, users have the facility to share their lists with friends, family and colleagues, giving them the ability to achieve more as a team. For example, they can use this app to share a grocery list with their partner, or to plan a day out with their friends. To-Do List & Task List is free to download on Google Play and you can grab it by clicking here.

SMS Text Messaging by MightyText:


Next up we have, SMS Text Messaging, a very simple, yet unique, application that every Android user should have installed on their smartphone. This service enables users to send and receive SMS messages from/to their tablet or computer using their current phone number.

In addition to allowing users to send text messages, SMS Text Messaging also provides users with instant notifications on their tablet or computer. These notifications can be set up manually to supply users with important information, such as  their smartphone’s battery level, caller ID for incoming calls as well as pop-up messages when an SMS is received.

SMS Text Messaging by MightyText is free to download on Google Play, and you can grab it by clicking here.

Device Info Live Wallpaper:

Device Info


Finally, we have a very interesting live wallpaper, called Device Info, which creates a very unique background from a user’s smartphone statistics, this includes the current Date/Time, CPU Usage, Battery Remaining/ Temperature/Voltage, RAM Usage, Internal Memory Usage, External Memory Usage, Tilt, Compass Position, Network Connection Status, CPU Specification, Wi-Fi Settings and Basic Device Information.

Users have the facility to fully customise their wallpaper, by choosing which background color, text color, animation speed and refresh intervals are displayed.

Device Info Live WallPaper is free to download on Google Play, and you can grab it by clicking here.